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We offer bespoke Interior Solutions with vast expertise in office fit outs and turnkey projects


We offer the following:

Our Racking systems can reach a single height of 12metres and beam lengths can vary from 1.35metre to 3.90metre

Drive-in racks are ideal for storing large quantity of similar product. Palletized goods are stored depth-wise behind each other on a pair of cantilevered continuous pallet supporting rail. Reach truck/counter balance truck can drive into the centre of rack between uprights to retrieve and deposit goods.

  • Very High Storage density in a given area compare to selective racking.
  • Space utilization is 75% to 80 % of floor space.
  • Standard truck can normally be need
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This system increases the storage capacity of a given area by up to 50% compare to normal selective pallet racking.

Frame height can be up to 14mt. aisle width is reduced to absolute minimum, specialised truck or stacker crane is required to operate in this kind of rack.


Due to its height and load density, the floor needs to be carefully engineered and constructed in order to achieve desired strength and levelness.


Normally, narrow aisle truck is either guided along the aisle by using mechanical side guides or floor embedded wire. Therefore, additional truck is required to handle pallets away from the rack

Mobile Shelving is an innovative space saving storage system with storage units mounted on mobile trolleys, thereby eliminating un-productive aisles. It has a simple and elegant construction with minimal maintenance and no service costs.