Racking and shelving

Multi-Tier Shelving System

This is a cost-effective method of utilising the height of a storage area. Superb for storing small parts. Its systematic arrangement greatly enhance efficiency during order picking, stock replenishment and stock checking. Storage cost and operation cost can be reduced tremendously due to improved operation efficiency.

The individual row of shelving are reached by front and rear gangway. The gangway here are also resting on a shelving units of the lower level. The stairway is located at front and rear gangway

The front service aisle rests on the shelving units of the lower tier. The stairway is located in the central aisle.

Multitiers installations covering large are provided with Mezzanine Floor on the top of shelving. Loading gates at the end of the aisle and Mezzanine Floor facilitage movement of large goods with lifting machinery.

Racking & Shelving Systems

Medium Duty Racks
Chrome Shelving
Display Racking
Selective Racking System
Double Deep Racking System
Drive-in & Drive-Through Racking System
Multitier Storage
Rack Supported Platform
Long Span
Hi-Rise & Narrow Aisle Rack
Slotted Angle Shelving
Structural Platform
Plastic Bin & Louver Panels
Two-Tier Shelving System
Cantilever Racking

Shop Fittings

Supermarket Shelving
Shopping Basket
Shopping Trolley
Checkout Counter
Aluminium Counter
Pipe Fitting
Mobile Compactor

Material Handling

Manual Stackers
Electrical Stackers
Pallet Jacks
Platform Trolley

Office Furniture


Interior Designing
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Information Technology
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