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Selective Racking System

The Most popular storage system used, this racking system provides 100 percent accessibility and good stock rotation. It is fully adjustable and easily installed. Equipment and capital investment for such a system is also the most economical.

Five Continents has a full range of compatible accessories for different pallet types, sizes and weights. Safety or rack protection accessories such as corner guards, column protectors, bollards, frame protectors, back mesh cladding, pallet back stops etc. make storing a lot safer. Requiring a small aisle width, Five Continents Selective Racking System is the most practical and economical racking system for storing and retrieving a wide range of products. For loose packages and lighter loads, one of the solutions is to install a rack supported platform on top of the selective racking system as shown above.

Our Racking systems can reach a single height of 12metres and beam lengths can vary from 1.35metre to 3.90metre

Racking & Shelving Systems

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Selective Racking System
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