Slotted Angle Shelving

Five Continents bolted steel shelving is of nut and bolt construction specifically designed for industrial applications where fast, simple erection, versatility, maximum strength and low cost are of prime importance.

Five Continents bolted steel shelving is assembled into units to form rows of virtually any length, depth and height and is of sufficient strength to support mezzanine floors.Five Continents design experts will design the correct shelving required to give you maximum space saving and economy.You are offered a choice of open or closed shelving, arranged in a single row or back-to-back, single or double tier installations, and what is more, you can dismantle and re-assemble this shelving.

All steel components are degreased, zinc phosphated and polyester epoxy powder coated in a process complying to SABS standards for pre-treatment and finished in any of our standard colours

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